Poignantly, a single diamond earring was recovered following the murder of the Russian imperial family, which belonged to Alexandra. Silver panagia with gems100 145. Queen Victoria sent Alexandra a pendant containing her portrait and a ring, which she wore on the wedding day itself. He insisted that he had purchased them with his own money, but he was not believed and was arrested. Aquamarine trinket40 59. Public domain Some items, mainly ladies' jewelry, were divided up into. He has his eyes set firmly on Princess Natalie's emerald Verdura brooch. They represent a small but critical fraction of the possessions of the family in exile. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. According to some historians, Reed was a Kremlin agent and, according to other accounts, he was a double agent. 1. "These brooches probably went out for lunch every day.". Gold chain with amethyst cabochon and pendants150 30. " Here are 17 colorized photographs of the Romanov royal costume ball of 1903. This information is for educational purposes only and is protected by copyright belonging to V.V. These include jewelry masterpieces from regalia and Faberge eggs, to bracelets and brooches that impressed European ambassadors and rulers so much that many mentioned these gems in their memoirs after visiting Russias imperial court. The story of the missing Russian crown jewels begins, as so many great adventures do, in a library. In warm fur coats with raised collars, we walked through the frozen rooms of the Armoury, later recalled a member of the commission, Academician Fersman. Princess Irene, her elder sister, is also wearing one. The items of the former House of Romanov were divided into three categories, taking into account, first of all, the value of the stones, the artistry of the work and the historical significance of the item. SUPPORT OUR JOURNALISM: Please consider donating to keep our website running and free for all - thank you! Similarly, the following year, Alexandra wore her personal jewellery again, on the anniversary of their engagement. Many of these incredible gems were well-documented in a series of volumes published by the Soviet Union in the 1920s. Foreign customs authorities repeatedly caught Comintern [Communist International] agents with suitcases full of jewelry. with diamond and rubies500 136. " Century, but also that they are a product of this really strong friendship and collaboration between Princess Paley and Verdura," Everett says. This is yet another example of the sentimental jewellery of the Victorian age. Alexandra and the girls come out next,. This 1925 photo shows the collection. This one, I think, will find its way onto my suit more than once this season," he laughs. The four pieces are no longer part of the Russian collection. To showcase the splendour of the crown, however, a special replica was made in 2012 costing around 1 billion rubles ($15.1 million) and was exhibited all over Russia and even abroad. She Protected The Family Jewels. What Romanov family treasures can you find in the British royal familys jewelry boxes. The publication was translated into English, French and German in order to attract foreign buyers and was distributed in Europe. She carried almost nothing with her: All her valuables remained at home, but it proved possible to smuggle some of them abroad later. They answered: it is possible, although there should be no rush. The Hillwood boasts the largest collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia. Perhaps because of this, Alexandra referred to Nicholas in heavily-coded private correspondence with the close friend of her youth, Toni Becker-Bracht, as the Broschenmensch [literally, The Brooch Person] (Lotte-Hofmann-Kuhnt, Briefe der Zarin Alexandra von Russland an ihre Jugendfreundin Toni Becker-Bracht). The famous photo taken by the Soviet commission in 1922 shows the large part of the Romanov crown jewelry collection. Mother of pearl " with silver chain50 146. Then, in New York, customs officers detained two visitors with jewels (worth 350 thousand rubles) that belonged to Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna (1882-1960), the youngest daughter of Emperor Alexander III. The Diamond Fund is the name given to the imperial regalia of the Romanov family, the czars of Russia for more than 300 years, from 1613 to 1917. He produced four yellowish diamonds from the lining of his waistcoat which were about the size of a little finger, Aino recalled. Diamond pins for headdress, 27,000 8. A sapphire-and-diamond brooch and matching ear clips which once belonged to Russia's Romanov imperial dynasty were snapped up at a Sotheby's auction Wednesday for $900,000. with colourless amethyst with diamonds in form of marquise400 99. " Animosity toward Russia's ruling class had already been building for centuries when the House of Romanov took power. She was given two bracelets by her uncle, Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany; a charming photograph in the Royal Photograph Collection shows the Prince with his arm affectionately around his young niece, aged five or six. "I had excellent samples for the costumes of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna. (Horst P. Horst, Cond Nast via Getty Images), Tsar Nicholas II and his family, pictured in 1913. Needless to say, the Bolsheviks ignored the autocrats Imperial decrees. Princess Natalie Paley in costume designer Madame Karinska's dress shop. The set was entrusted to Pavlovna's friend the British diplomat Albert Henry Stopford, who took them to London for safekeeping along with other jewels, the auction house said. The few still-existing costumes of other ball guests gave me an idea of how they could have looked 1903," Shirnina said. With ash-blonde hair and an exquisite taste, Natalie had established herself within the Parisian elite and became a well-known socialite. The Bolsheviks questioned how much the gems would sell for if they were sold as a separate commodity (they feared a scandal in Europe that could arise in connection with the sale of the crown jewels), experts estimated the amount of 162 million 625 thousand gold rubles. Made in 1842 by court jeweller Carl Bolin for Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas I, it was a favorite piece of Empress of Russia Marie Feodorovna, a Danish princess married to Tsar Alexander III of Russia. Many of these items were sold abroad. The Monomakh's Cap. The amazing truth of this story was kept Top Secret in the Russian Counter-Intelligence files until 1996. Pendant with diamond portrait and small pearl chain2,500 39. " Another item from the collection of Marie Feodorovna supposedlyended up in the possession of the British royalty. Priceless treasures amassed by the old regime were auctioned off or sold directly to millionaires from the U.S. and Europe. Although unlikely to be connected to Russia, Everett admits, "You never know". "When you come across these collections that are almost 100 years old, it's astounding to find anything in the same family. The jewels of the Russian Diamond Fund are on display in the Kremlin in Moscow or most of them, anyway. In addition to the stones, Gokhran selected gold items, including chains, rings, cigarette cases, bags, etc. with diamond150 141. Although Russia was in its second year of the First World War, those lines could have been written during the period of their engagement, back in 1894. In the mid 1920's, the nuns were evicted from the convent by the government. THE ROMANOV JEWELLEY MYSTERY. Gold chain with small turquoise and trinkets120 27. PHOTO: early 20th century view of the Gokhran building in Nastasinsky Lane in Moscow. Diamond brooches - bows, 26,000 9. Tsar's diamond emblem with big diamonds 8 carats22,000 7. However, a 1922 album at the U.S. Geological Survey includes photos of four items that are not described in the official 1925 inventory. Alexandra wrote to Nicholas: How you do spoil me there you have gone and given me that glorious brooch with pearl drops, a thing I have always longed for, but still much too good for me. This is the oldest . The large oval brooch and earclips had belonged to Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, wife of Grand Duke Vladimir. The USGS has a copy of that book, too, and researcher Jenna Nolt has compared the two. in form of cross with almadin gems and studded with diamonds85 110. " An experienced locksmith easily, without a key, opened an unpretentious, very bad lock. The imperial wedding crown, a diamond diadem, and the jewels of Empress Catherine II floated away from him. "I'm very fortunate because I love to wear a brooch," Everett says. Historian Igor Zimin says much of the collection was preserved by curators at the Kremlin in Moscow, who were able to convince the leaders that the gems had enormous historical significance. Baroness Buxhoeveden remembered: This little book was one of the tragic mementoes found in the house at Ekaterinburg. The Soviets then interrogated Kornilov, who showed them where they were. The Romanovs, who ruled Russia for 300 years, were said to have a collection of jewellery worth more than $700 million. 37. I think, why not?". When the clock struck 10, all guests were invited into the Concert Room to dance. "If you think of the movie All About Eve, with Bette Davis, just imagine that world that's the sort of mid-century, theatrical world that they lived in," Everett says. However, common waltzes also took place at the grand ball. 8 best movies about Russias dethroned royal family: The Romanovs. "First I looked for real costumes from the ball today, some of them are in museums like the Hermitage Museum.". They brought boxes, there were five of them, among them a heavy iron chest, tied, with large wax seals. U.S. researchers determined that the sapphire brooch was sold in London in 1927 what happened to it after and what happened to the other three pieces isnt yet known. Created by Verdura who had previously worked as head designer of Coco Chanel's jewellery the craftmanship is testament to the close friendship the Italian duke had formed with Princess Natalie. Born Countess Natalia Pavlovna von Hohenfelsen in 1905, Princess Natalie was the daughter of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, uncle of the last Romanov tsar, Nicholas II. Researcher Jenna Nolt was one of those who took a look. "Families don't tend to hold on to things as long these days.". For almost 200 years, the Imperial Treasury was only replenished. Chain bracelet with three rubies and diamonds2,500 122. Learn more about the history of Pallasart Web Design - Creating Innovative Website Designs since 1996, Copyright 2023 Bob Atchison. They buried them after covering them in acid. So Tatiana and her sisters sewed them into their clothes, probably hoping to someday escape with them. Even the tiny book of their telegraphs in cypher at the time of their engagement had come with them to the Ipatiev House. Diamond brooch 100 carats1,200,000 2. Like bullet-proof vests, this jewel-encrusted clothing had protected them from the bullets. Rumors circulated over the century that Anastasia and Alexei had survived. A gold chain with Father Superior's Cross100 154. After the revolution much of it mysteriously went missing, was looted from royal residences or broken apart and the stones sold separately. Various pins, 36 75. A few days later, the daughters receive a letter from Alexandra telling them that their "'medicines'" (216)a code word for jewelshave been searched. Click here to find out more. The central stone of the diadem is a rare pale pink 13.35-carat diamond. In addition to items taken out by representatives of the Tsarist family themselves, Romanov treasures were also taken out of the country with the permission of the Bolsheviks - the proceeds were supposed to pay for the needs of Communist movements in other countries. The U.S. Geological Survey librarians called Kristen Regina, the archivist and head of the research collection at the Hillwood Museum in Washington, D.C. Monomakh's Cap, Kremlin, Moscow. She was also the aunt of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Family and Throne exhibition opens inTula, Tsarskoye Selo publishes rare Romanov FamilyArchive, Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS), Museum of the Family of Emperor Nicholas II, Tobolsk, von Falz-Fein, Baron Eduard Oleg Alexandrowitsch. Small trinket with agate20 61. " Small silver icons, 5-, TOTAL according to our expert's appraisal 3, 270, 693 rubles, 50 kSigned by Appraisers Zverev and Borovskikh, Officials ECD 8th Department. Diamond hairpins, 2, 36 carats each700,000 4. The briolette (elongated pear-shaped gemstones) are movable at the slightest turn of the head they tremble and twinkle. Change). A forensic investigation in 1991 then identified the nine bodies as the members of the tsar's family and others murdered that night, but Anastasia's body and the body of her younger brother, Alexei, remained missing. The burial of the Romanov family is as gruesome as their execution The murder of the imperial family was no simple affair. As reported to Leon Trotsky, Deputy Special Commissioner of the Council of Peoples Commissars (Council of Peoples Commissars) for the registration and concentration of the values Georgy Bazilevich wrote, when selling these items abroad, the receipt of 300,000,000 rubles is guaranteed. Products of the second category, which had historical and artistic value, were estimated at 7,382,200 rubles. At the Golden Globes, Billy Porter wore an Oscar Heyman brooch while Michael B. Jordan wore a vintage Cartier piece. She also predictably, gave jewellery as personal gifts, to close friends, brooches being a particularly favoured choice. "50 35. Brooch with a round aquamarine300 119. Alexandra would also, of course, give jewellery as personal presents to her close friends, brooches being a particular favourite; jewelled gifts also arrived from Imperial Russia for her various godchildren, including gold pins (Elizabeth Jane Timms, Princess Alix of Hesses Visit to Harrogate, in Royalty Digest Quarterly 2018/1). Who knows, it might be time to take a look in great-grandma's jewel case. "Dressed in workman's clothes, Stopford was sent to secretly collect the jewels from the Grand Duchess's home, the as yet un-pillaged 360-room Vladimir Palace on the prestigious Neva embankment. He was only released from prison in June that year. hide caption. Diamond necklace with pearls and ruby pendantsu001du001du001du001d50,000. There are even memoranda about Soviet agents being caught while traveling with diamonds in their luggage. with three small crowns with sapphire and garnets120 106. " Describing her as a great "style icon of the 20th Century", Frank Everett from Sotheby's in New York said it was rare chance to snap up a piece of history. agate studded with small roses40 111. " Chain bracelet with trinket 191410 132. When it came to Alexandras turn on 26 November 1894 she wore numerous diamond ornaments (Buxhoeveden, 43) and the splendid bridal circlet, topped with diamonds as a crown, placed on her head by the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna. She wrote to Nicholas on 8 April 1916: That dear brooch will be worn to-day I feel still your grey suit, the smell of it by the window in the Coburg Schloss (Ibid, 446). Maria Pavlovna's sapphire brooch and earrings. Though it can be a lengthy process to research the colors of the clothing worn during this time period, colorist, professor, and historian of the Romanov dynasty Olga Shirnina explains it's a passion project of hers. ISBN 5-7691-0394-9; 5-7691-0597-6. "It is very exciting," Everett tells 9Honey from his office in Manhattan. Diamond crescent with 5 big diamonds up to 70 carats310,000 3. She says it was sold at auction in London in 1927, "but the three other pieces, the necklace, the diadem and the bracelet, we have no idea what happened to them. "They're great on men's tuxedos, especially at red carpet events," Everett says. He was an American mineralogist and gem expert who worked at various times for the jeweler Tiffany & Co. and the USGS. Brooch in form of twigs studded with diamonds and aquamarine800 51. [illegible] with emeralds and studded with diamonds, one of them is platinum, 2750 135. " Regardless, he's expecting a lot of interest in Sotheby's Magnificent Jewels auction, which features more than 200 items, including a bracelet made with pink diamonds from Western Australia's famed Argyle Mine. Its said it could resurface once again if the government of the Philippines decides to put the tiara up for auction or exhibit it. round, of aquamarine and studded with uncut diamonds800 89. The costumes were modeled after traditional 17th-century Russian dress, according to Russia Beyond. We know this from Alexandras diary entry for 4 July 1918: also Ns engagement ring, which he could not take off (Buxhoeveden, 344). Edward Steichen, Horst and Cecil Beaton took many of her fashion photographs. (LogOut/ The following day, Kotler and Franz (both serious jewellers, according to Trotsky), said that if there was a buyer for these valuables, then the estimate would be 458,700,000 gold rubles. gold, engraved "Alexandra" studded with uncut diamonds500 131. " By mid-May, the sorting and appraisal of the crown jewels of the Empresses Maria Feodorovna and Alexandra Feodorovna in Gokhran had been completed. Then she opened and held it up as she sat in the carriage the locket contained an image of Prince Albert, which she held up so that he might see the repair work which had been done on the recently restored Duomo a story related by the Hon. Nicholas sent a cross: You do spoil me, I never for a second imagined you would think of giving me anything. King Willem-Alexander to attend 125th anniversary of The Hague Conference on Private International Law, The Queen is hiring a kitchen porter at Buckingham Palace, Tsarevich Nicholas had visited England as a guest of Queen Victoria, The Greek Royal Family's special relationship with the other royal houses of Europe, New details of King Constantine's funeral announced, King Constantine will be judged ''fairly and strictly'' by history says Greek Prime Minister, Flags at half mast in Copenhagen as Queen Margrethe expresses ''deep sadness'' at death of Constantine II, The Queen watches on with pride as Lady Louise drives Prince Philips carriages at Windsor Horse Show, An annus horribilis in Monaco? (Sotheby's New York), Princess Natalie Paley poses for Vogue in 1938. For their engagement, Nicholas gave Alix many items of personal jewellery, which she treasured as she did all things from this blissfully happy period in their new lives together, less than six months later ended forever by the unexpected death of Tsar Alexander III at Livadia. Just as a brooch had been pressed back into his hand at that party in Russia back in 1884, so now Nicholas showered the fianc whom he had dreamed of one-day marrying (as he wrote in his journal for December 1891) with jewels. (153) $1,559.70. In 2009, British intelligence declassified an archive file linked to the Romanov jewelry. After the 1917 revolution, Russia's new rulers debated what to do with the crown jewels. The Romanov jewels include elaborate diadems, necklaces, rings, crowns, brooches, medals, scepters, globes, and other items of personal and ceremonial finery. Crown values were forbidden to give, change or sell by the decree of Peter I, issued in 1719. with platinum chain with shorls [sic] and chrysophases150 45. with rubies, square and diamonds250 105. " In March 1920, Reed was caught by customs officials in the Finnish city of Turku with diamonds hidden in the heels of his shoes. Stopford, after visiting Pavlovna in the Caucasus, set off for London in September 1917 carrying 244 pieces of her jewels and deposited them in a bank there, it added. Smuggled Romanov royal jewels sell for nearly $900,000, A sapphire and diamond brooch and matching earrings, which were part of the royal jewels from Russia's Romanov family smuggled out of the country. Posted on October 9, 2020 by Paul Gilbert, PHOTO: the Russian Crown Jewels, confiscated by the Bolsheviks. with two sapphires and diamond75 139. " Radnsky, The Last Tsar, New York: Doubles Day, 1992. According to History Daily, Nicholas II invited 390 guests to the party held at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, which was to commemorate the 290th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. When Tsarevich Nicholas had visited England as a guest of Queen Victoria in the summer of 1894, he accompanied Alexandra and the Queen to Osborne before sailing back to Russia. Along with the brooch, researchers found photos of a sapphire and diamond tiara, a sapphire bracelet, and an emerald necklace the photos appear in a 1922 Russian Diamond Fund album but are not included in the official documentation of the Russian Crown Jewels published in 1925. with two rubies250 129. " She found that the 1922 volume shows four pieces of jewelry that don't appear in the later official book. The historians noted that the girls had sewn their jewels into their clothes, and that it even caused them to die more slowly because the jewels acted as a bulletproof vest of sorts. studded with diamonds80 63. " Anna Demidova (Alexandra's maid who was murdered with them) was carrying a pillow with jewels sewn into them when she died -this pillow weighed about 17 pounds. What happened after tsar Nicholas died? Pendant - globe with shorls [sic], with diamonds130 58. Vladimir Tiara now belongs to the Queen Elizabeth II. As a Romanov bride, Alexandra would, of course, wear fabulous jewellery, as had her elder sister Ella at her wedding in 1884, when Ella's diamond earrings had been so heavy that they had to be . Pendant with emerald bas-relief of woman, with diamonds7,000 83. "The crown jewels play an important part in the coronation story," Regina says, "because the czar crowns himself in the coronation, and that is the moment when he takes full power.". Photographs are in some cases, the best way to see the kind of jewellery Alexandra was wearing as a child; we can see a sort of memorial locket in the photographs made of Alexandra after the death of her mother, Grand Duchess Alice of Hesse. The Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU outlined a program for the implementation of the so-called Romanov Jewels. with agate and small uncut diamonds20 140. " The glittering jewellery Alexandra wore as an imperial bride is well captured in the flickering candlelight of Laurits Tuxens wedding portrait, recording the event, in the imperial church of the Winter Palace. Dancing offered the perfect opportunity for guests to show off their extraordinary costumes. The fact that female members of the last Russian Emperor's family sewed diamonds into the corsets of their dresses became known after their execution: "The daughters had beautifully-made bodices. Diamond band600 46. "This one caught our eye, and we pulled it aside to take a further look at it.". According to Encyclopedia Britannica, a boyar was a member of the upper stratum ofmedieval Russian society. Later Maynell said that, eventually, all the jewelry went back to the USSR. Brooch with small aquamarine of ellipsoid form with diamonds75 104. " Photographs for a themed ball at Darmstadt also show a star in the hair, for 1887. "It's quite special because it has one of the highest quality emeralds I have ever seen in a more decorative piece of jewellery," Everett says. The chain bracelet was a gift to Alexandra which Nicholas gave to her when visiting England in the summer of 1894 as the guest of Queen Victoria; as was a necklace of pink pearls (Buxhoeveden, 38). with pearls2,500 24. " (LogOut/ In 1920, Francis Meynell, a director of the Daily Herald, sent pearls and diamonds belonging to the Tsars family, which he had received from the Bolsheviks in Sweden to Britain. Urals OGPU Operations Plenipotentiary Maksevitch and Borodin. At the Golden Globes, Billy Porter wore an Oscar Heyman brooch while Michael B. Jordan wore a vintage Cartier piece. Amethyst brooches studded with diamonds, 2300 103. Having got washed and dressed, the Romanov family finally emerge from their rooms. with emerald, ellipsoid, studded with diamonds300 93. " Some women even claimed to be Anastasia, allowing the mystery to be kept alive. It is known that in the fall of 1917, using his diplomatic immunity, Stopford left for London carrying 244 items of jewelry in his Gladstone bag. Edward Steichen, Horst and Cecil Beaton took many of her fashion photographs. The jewels were passed to her daughter, Princess Elena of Greece and Denmark, and kept in the family until they first appeared at auction in November 2009, when they were bought by "another European princely family" who sold them on Wednesday. Alexandra wrote to her future mother-in-law, Empress Marie Feodorovna: How can I thank you and dear Uncle enough for the magnificent present you were so awfully kind as to send me. Let in through a side door by Maria Pavlovna's eldest son Boris and a trusted servant, he dismantled the jewels, folding the pieces into old newspaper to protect them," it said. The Crown Jewels were among the collection that disappeared. "She met him when she was working in his salon," Everett tells 9Honey. It is almost certainly these which Alix wore when she went to take her cure at Harrogate in May 1894, a month after her engagement. "Jewels with a more storied provenance rarely come to auction, and the appearance of these stunning sapphire and diamond pieces sparked interest from collectors worldwide," Sotheby's said in a statement. Pendant from small pearls700 101. National brooches, 420 68. Diamond pin 44 carats700,000 5. (Supplied/Sotheby's). The Swedes handed over the pillowcases to the descendants of Maria Pavlovna, who put them up for auction. Her first coming out ball aged seventeen at Darmstadt, seems to have been the occasion for a mere pearl necklace and bracelets, as the studio photograph indicates. As a child, there were family presents, of course; one of her teeth was made into a lily-of-the-valley brooch for her grandmother, Queen Victoria, still in the Royal Collection. Natalie wears Lot 596 and a marquise diamond ring by Verdura (Lot 601). According to the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921, the western lands of Ukraine and Belarus were withdrawn to Poland, in addition to this, the Bolsheviks pledged to pay Poland 30 million gold rubles within a year. Lot 596: Seed-pearl, gem-set, enamel turban ornament in the form of a silver and gold bird. Alekseyev and the Interregional Fund "Russian Heritage" 1996. What happened to these priceless Romanov tiaras after 1917 Revolution? Diamond brooches - bows, 2u001du001du001d6,000. Like so much with Alexandra, regardless of time or distance, the association remained the same. But the Bolsheviks were in a hurry to sell these pieces for the much coveted foreign currency they hoped to gain from such a sale. After she and her husband fled to Hawaii in 1986, the tiara together the whole Marcos collection was confiscated by the authorities. www.usgs.gov These bracelets had a life of their own in fact. The four pieces are no longer part of the Russian collection. As a result, art connoisseur Norman Weiss was not long in coming. This is partly why it was so hard for them to kill the grand duchesses and why they resorted to using bayonets on the younger girls. Princess Natalie's father was later rounded up and assassinated by the revolutionaries. First, a party was held on February 11 in the Winter Palace. The first category the inviolable fund included 366 items valued at 654,935,000 rubles, of which the coronation regalia decorated with selected diamonds and pearls was valued at 375 million rubles. On the night of their deaths, perhaps believing rescue was imminent, the girls dressed in their special clothing, which in the end only prolonged their gruesome fate. www.usgs.gov Rescue of the Imperial family from Yalta 1919, Sergei Witte on the Succession Controversy, The Wedding Ceremony of Nicholas and Alexandra, 1996 World Monuments Fund Report on the Palace, Letter from Dowager Empress Marie in exile to Nicholas II, Letters from Aleksey in Exile in English and Russian, Letters of Alexandra from Exile in English and Russian, Letters of Maria from Exile in English and Russian, Letters of Nicholas II from Exile in English and Russian, Letters of Olga from Exile in English and Russian, Letters of Tatiana from Exile in English and Russian, Lettters from Anastasia in Exile in English and Russian, Marie Feodorovna Letters to Nikita Alexandrovich, Documents Related to the Abdication and Arrest of the Romanovs, List of Imperial Jewels found in Tobolsk 1933, List of Palace Items That Went to Tobolsk, List of Valuables Taken by Yurovsky from the Romanovs, Detskoye Selo - 1934 Soviet Guide to Tsarskoe Selo, Russia and its' Environs - a 1902 Travel Guidebook, St. Petersburg, Russia's Capital - 1904 American Article, Pallasart Web Design - Austin Texas Web Designers, Pallasart Web Design Firm - Austin, Texas.
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