After getting a reference to the video element from the Event object's target, we use it to remove the event listener. Media with an active audio track are considered to be audible, and autoplay blocking applies to them. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. JS Auto play background audio after window reload, Automatically play Audio object in javascript. As of WebKit r108831, all restrictions are removed in the first successful load() or play() call. make it possible for sites and advertisers to use muted videos instead of to your account, Reference: Media engagement index (MEI) design It's much easier to detect a failure to autoplay media when you use the play() method to start it. It would solve the problem on the click coming in super delayed on the first interaction, and I don't think users would notice it. This allows you to test your website as if user were strongly engaged with your site and playback autoplay would be always allowed. Deactivate the "Always check if Firefox is your default browser" option on the right. And yes, regarding the player, you can opt for an open source HTML5 Player, Amplitude.js which supports playlist as well as next song plays without user interaction based on playlist, you can check a demo on their website,, Thoughts? The code to test a specific element or audio context is the same, except that you pass in the element or context to test rather than the type string. robbue commented on Apr 19, 2018 If the audio is locked, howler just throws a playerror and discards the playback. Browsers have started to implement an autoplay policy, which in general can be summed up as: "Create or resume context from inside a user gesture". Checking for undefined prevents this code from failing with an error on older versions of web browsers. I think the problem is not the auto-play, it's the unhandled promise rejection. How can I download and play audio clips without user interaction? They do so to avoid certain undesired effects for the user (for instance, a user might have maximum audio volume set & auto-playing loud audio might surprise/scare her). switched to running after a user activation. Example 2: has both text and video content. One does not need to start playback at that point, but can wait until a later time. (Note to self: make a test page of all nine audio files as data URIs.). Developers that host IFrames with content inside them (e.g. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! For example, one could liberate a number of audio elements for later use in a game. The controls attribute on the <audio> element is specified when we require the browser to provide us with default playback controls. If this has been changed to false, media with an audio track will not be permitted to play even if muted. I need help please, I can't hear anyone on discord, it says "browser requires user interaction before play audio" BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU I'M JUST. Setting this value to false disables this capability. More details can be found in the Web Audio API section below. Did the Golden Gate Bridge 'flatten' under the weight of 300,000 people in 1987? When users open a webpage and receive sound they did not expect or want, they have a poor user experience. If playing is allowed, it should immediately switch to running. Think of a "play" button or "on/off" switch for instance. Copyright Windows Report 2023. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: You signed in with another tab or window. -999 FINE SILVER {00 OUNCES I FINE BAD, ARE YOU HTTP? It would solve the problem on the click coming in super delayed on the first interaction, and I don't think users would notice it. It's not them. This works fine on a computer but on mobile users have to click the pause/play button to start the music. NoScript). Autoplay on the news article pages would be allowed because of user interaction with the domain. So script can set the "muted" attribute on HTMLMediaElement to true, and autoplay will work. i have reset and redone all the settings on chrome that it tell me to do, and still nothing is working. When autoplay fails, you likely will want to offer a way for the user to manually tell the browser to ask the user to grant permission to play media. Note: The specified Permissions Policy applies to the document and every